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This is a paid for page that will soon not be paid for.<br>
A new FREE hosting option has been found to replace the pay for option that is currently in use.<br>
The contents of the current site will need to be moved to the new site(if you want to keep the current contents).
The old site is not something that can be directly imported and will need to be copy and pasted into the new site page at a time. If you are willing to do this please contact .
If no one is willing then all the info from the current site will be lost when it goes offline at the end of August.
The wiki link on the department site will be changed to the new page at the end of August.
* New to the program? Check out the '''[[Advice for New Graduate Students]]''' page.
* New to the program? Check out the '''[[Advice for New Graduate Students]]''' page.
* '''[[Survey Results and Discussion]]''' are up on the wiki!  Check it out.
* '''[[Survey Results and Discussion]]''' are up on the wiki!  Check it out.

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