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Founded and operated by the sociology graduate students at UC Berkeley



Graduate Studies


Teaching Resources

Working Inside and Outside the University

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Academic Job Market

Life and Wellness

The Gradwiki

  • You must be a registered user to read or edit these pages. Login in upper right corner.
  • This wiki is open to graduate students in the sociology department at the University of California, Berkeley. To get an account, send an email to socwiki AT
  • This is a free-form, democratic, and open space where we contribute to building a database of all the soc info we need to get through life here at Berkeley. You are encouraged to add your knowledge!
  • Please contribute items that will be constructive, not offensive nor damaging to anyone, and in the spirit of maintaining a community that may not always agree but is always respectful. See General Groundrules.

Remember: This resource is an unofficial guide, so make sure to check the official side as needed.

Getting started editing and creating

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  • Click here for editing tips and shortcuts. From in the editing window, you will find "Editing Help" at the bottom of the page (located on the same line as the "save page" button).
  • For a quick introduction to the wiki and why it is here, see About this wiki. Also check out the Gradwiki:Community_Portal and learn more about the wiki and its users.

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